Periodic Reports

On our own and in collaboration with our valued partners*, Campbell Rinker has developed some of the most recognized broad scope research in the nonprofit field, many encompassing thousands and thousands of respondents. Some of these studies are ongoing, fielded every two years or so. rolex replica watches

Campbell Rinker fields our periodic surveys as market needs dictate. Organizations wishing to sponsor an edition of any of these studies may contact us for further information.

Donor Confidence Reports

We frequently publish our Donor Confidence Report. These reports and their related articles are available free to nonprofits, alerting them to significant trends in donor perceptions and motivations.

Donor Confidence Report Cover PageDonor Confidence Report Cover PageDonor Confidence Report Cover PageDonor Confidence Report Cover Page
Here are some Cover Pages from Campbell Rinker’s Donor Confidence Report over the years.

Download past issues and read relevant articles about our Donor Confidence studies here.

About the Donor Confidence Index: Campbell Rinker uses an index to measure donor confidence. An index is basically a way of defining ‘normal’ as a level of 100. In this way, we can compare other time periods or categories against the ‘normal’ rating for a simple ‘better or worse’ measurement. We established our baseline index level of 100 in February 2008, prior to the recession that emerged in August of that year.

Our Index takes into account several factors that we ask about in our standardized Donor Confidence poll. For instance, we ask about a donors’ willingness to keep giving at the same level, more, or less, and why. We also factor in their impression of the US economy, their expectations for economic improvement, and their comfort with direction of the country and its leadership. Even though we’ve added new response options over time (e.g. to see if the pandemic affects future willingness to give – an impact that somehow slipped our mind in 2008), the formula has not changed. This makes the Index a trustworthy gauge over time.

Campbell Rinker often fields our recurring online survey to measure donor confidence among US donors. Contact us if you’d like information about sponsoring a future edition of the survey.

Call Campbell Rinker if your organization has an idea for a study that could benefit the nonprofit world. We would love to partner with you, run the study, write the report and help you deliver it to the organizations that could benefit the most. Let us know about your idea so we can develop a way to help you achieve your vision!