Thirty Years of Service to Nonprofits

For nearly thirty years Campbell Rinker has conducted research for nonprofits and the companies that serve them. Founded in 1991 by nonprofit research pioneer Bruce Campbell, the company initially provided data analysis and donor forecasting services. It quickly grew to offer a complete array of market research services. During the company’s first decade, Bruce became a sought-after speaker, authored the book Listening to Your Donors, and emerged as a respected authority on donor behavior.

Dirk Rinker joined the firm as its Vice President in early 1999, after spending 16 years as a fundraising practitioner and direct marketing analyst at consultancies such as Russ Reid Company and nonprofits like the Fuller Evangelistic Association. Together with a team of dedicated researchers, Bruce and Dirk continued to build on the firm’s reputation for high-quality, actionable research. Campbell Research maintained its focus on customized research projects and data analyses, and also began to apply common for-profit analysis techniques to a fresh purpose in the nonprofit context.

In 2002 the firm branched out into publishing and distributing research reports conducted for the nonprofit sector at large. Since then, Campbell Rinker has published dozens of studies on a variety of topics, including reports detailing the motivations and attitudes of specific donor segments, the demand for church products, preferences for in home-schooling curriculum, and the markets for nonprofit-related software. These studies have resulted in numerous Campbell Awards being given to nonprofits and others on the basis of exceptional feedback received from donors and customers.

Late in 2003, Dirk Rinker was named the new president of the firm and Campbell Rinker was born. Gradually, the company began assisting not only nonprofits but also firms that serve nonprofits such as software publishers, nonprofit consultancies, associations, government entities, and tourism bureaus. After aiding hundreds of well-known non-profits, Campbell Rinker is poised to enter a new phase as it launches online research services dedicated to advancing the practice of donor relations.

With headquarters in sunny Valencia, California and field offices in California’s central coast and near Boston, MA, Campbell Rinker has the reach to provide personalized service to clients. The firm is one of the only firms in the United States to specialize in delivering marketing research to nonprofits.

The firm brings core values to each project it delivers: A deep knowledge of what nonprofits care about. Recommendations driven by years of research experience. A passion for knowing why donors give and keep giving. Findings interpreted with care and precision.  Usable, concrete results. And a heart for nonprofits that never fails.

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