Understanding Alumni, Members, and Donors

Education is a fast-changing field whose institutions face significant challenges in the coming years. Campbell Rinker helps navigate these issues through research among alumni, donors, current and future students and parents of students.

For instance, we have helped colleges rescue millions of dollars of at-risk federal funding by improving the reporting of graduate earnings. We have also helped universities refresh an aging brand, appeal more strongly to the business community for grants, and collect data specific affinity data on 34,000 alumni.

We bring a range of techniques to bear for you in reaching out to your audience of interest: surveys, focus groups, personal interviews, or even a census of your graduates.

Another coming challenge is in the area of alumni engagement. Our tools universities understand how to best engage their alumni. We can tell whether any alumnus is a Rallyer, Reconnecter, Reminiscer or Resister – unique alumni personality types that describe the most effective engagement techniques. How? We do this through our simple eight-question R4 Matrix questionnaire, which delivers a simple numeric score for each responding alumnus. Simply register to download the free questions.

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