Case Study: National Arts Engagement Study

A highly-respected arts consultancy hired Campbell Rinker to field and analyze CultureTrack’14, a longitudinal study of 4,000 culturally-engaged Americans.  This effort studied respondents’ interactions with arts organizations, the emerging redefinition of cultural experience and how electronic media channels had affected arts interaction.  From the data, Campbell Rinker developed an unpublished attitude-based segmentation schema which defined six unique arts engagement groups according to their interaction patterns.  This exercise proves that identifying unique engagement patterns is possible for any list using data as readily available as Claritas PRIZM clusters.  Our firm adapted and strengthened the existing questionnaire and honed the fielding to deliver more representative results.  Subsequent studies based on the same architecture were conducted in Boston and for specific institutions.  In supporting the nationwide results rollout, Campbell Rinker leaders participated in presentations to leading institutions at the New York Times center in New York, at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and at the AMMC conference in St. Louis.  Methodology: Online Survey, Modeling