We Serve the Nonprofit World

At Campbell Rinker, we serve the nonprofit world, focusing on delivering high-quality market research. In our thirty years of operation, we’ve assisted world-class museums, incredible universities, brand-name nonprofits, and best-selling publishers. Here are some of the ways in which we serve the nonprofit world.


For years, Campbell Rinker has helped Arts organizations pursue their aspirations. Of course, we help clients like art and historical museums, zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums do the typical surveys and anecdotal research like focus groups. Beyond this, we pioneered using research techniques like conjoint testing toward designing effective and revenue-centered membership plans.


Education is a fast-changing field whose institutions face significant challenges in the coming years. Campbell Rinker helps navigate these challenges through research among alumni, donors, current and future students and parents of students. Our brief R4 Matrix questionnaire uses eight questions to determine whether an alumnus is a Rallyer, Reconnecter, Reminiscer or Resister – unique alumni personality types that can help drive your engagement with them. We have helped colleges rescue millions of dollars of at-risk federal funding by improving the reporting of graduate earnings.


Organizations and associations that pursue Fundraising serve a uniquely important role in society. Campbell Rinker works to help fundraisers understand the heart desires of their prospects, active donors and lapsed donors in ways that drive stronger revenue and engagement. Our customized research solutions deliver actionable insights to guide your strategies. Our Donor Confidence Index has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. And our standardized DashTrack donor satisfaction questionnaire helps donor-driven nonprofits benchmark dynamics over time.


Membership associations – whether professional or fraternal – pursue goals and seek engagement in unique ways. Campbell Rinker is adept at working with membership groups to identify these dynamics and deliver insights that are essential to the success of membership groups.


Faith-forward Ministries hold a special place for the team at Campbell Rinker. We serve the nonprofit world through communities of faith, and we understand and the forces that makes ministries effective. We actively translate this understanding into research that gets to the heart of the issues and helps ministry messages resonate and communicate better with donors and beneficiaries.


Whether the assignment is branding, communications or buyer perceptions, Campbell Rinker has worked with some of the foremost publishing companies in the country to develop and bring products to market.


Campbell Rinker specializes in helping mid-size Tourism entities grow their reach and improve advertising ROI through standardized survey research tools and algorithms.