Getting the Most out of Survey Data

The response data from your surveys can reveal unexpected insights using Campbell Rinker’s advanced analysis techniques.  Of course, we always look at typical cross-tabs (e.g. younger vs. older, active vs. lapsed, etc.) and comparative data.  Beyond that, we often consider how to leverage different methods of survey analysis to help answer your central research objectives.  This especially critical during the early research planning stages, as some of these tools require asking questions in certain ways, so as to provide data which may be analyzed to your greatest benefit.

The tools and techniques below are in Campbell Rinker’s arsenal and might be brought to bear on projects, leveraging your data to guide smarter decisions.

  • Advanced Test Design
  • Appeal Frequency Sensitivity
  • CollegePath Future Student Segmentation
  • Conjoint Testing   >>>more
  • Donor Value Modeling   >>>more
  • Gift Amount and Ask Sensitivity Testing
  • Mail Package Preference Modeling
  • Market Simulators
  • Member Benefit Modeling
  • Member Dues Sensitivity
  • Perceptual Mapping   >>>more
  • R4 Matrix Alumni Personality Segmentation >>>more
  • Renewal Modeling
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Correspondence Analysis

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