Knowing Member Needs Helps Optimize Benefits and Revenue

Member-based organizations and associations are unique, and Campbell Rinker serves them in a unique way. Their members often keep their true needs and desires hidden below a veneer of satisfaction.

Campbell Rinker has the tools to dig beneath the surface feelings and bring hidden motivations to light. This helps organizations and associations keep more of the members they worked so hard to acquire in the first place.

What kinds of questions can we answer for you. A few examples include…

  • What attributes of your association do your members value most?
  • How can you increase your association’s share of mind among members?
  • What specific benefits can your association offer to increase your share of the market compared to competing associations?
  • How is your association perceived compared to others?
  • What benefits have value to your members?
  • What is your association’s total potential market share with your current member benefits?
  • What is your potential market share with the best possible member benefits?

Campbell Rinker has decades of research and marketing experience. We’d be honored to put our experience to work for you.

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