Hearing the Heart of Ministry Donors

Few researchers in the world today can call upon a depth and breadth of experience in research among ministry donors similar to that of Campbell Rinker. We understand fundraising, and we understand donors – whether they are regular, middle or major; lapsed or active; pledgers, sponsors, club, reactivated or newly acquired. We have helped our clients dispel donor myths, explore new areas of ministry, prepare for transition, recover from disaster, retool their image and sharpen their communications.

Campbell Rinker delivers usable, concrete findings interpreted with care and precision. This gives you confidence that your decisions will result in the best possible development strategy. We take care to stay away from the lofty and the theoretical. We innovate where necessary to better meet our client’s needs. We strive for consistent integrity in the research process. And as members of the MRA and CASRO, we also follow a code of ethics designed to set an example for the research community.

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