Insights from Niche Publishing Audiences

Research for publishers often calls for deciphering a unique set of customer needs and largely intangible benefits. Just in the last few years, Campbell Rinker has helped our clients resolve questions like these through our research for them…

  •  What cover most attracts the eye when shoppers peruse the racks? 
  •  What market share is projected for one title compared to another?
  •  What combination of features is most appealing to Bible buyers?
  •  What combination of book club offerings is seen as most motivating to new members?
  •  To what degree are customers satisfied with their curriculum purchases?
  •  What is the best audience to approach with this new periodical?

If you are a publisher, you stake your reputation every day on knowing the answers to questions just like these. Miscalculations can be costly and injure your career. That is why so many of our clients have turned to Campbell Rinker for solid answers to their toughest challenges.

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