At Campbell Rinker, we help nonprofits by solving problems through research. We are a full-service research agency serving the nonprofit world.  What do we mean by full-service? Well, we offer a complete array of research services for your cause that can deliver insights and answer questions vital to your mission. We tailor our use of proven, innovative research techniques to deliver results to fulfill your specific objectives. Of course, this usually comes down to helping you raise more money from your constituents. We develop research insights for you using both verbal and non-verbal methods. fake rolex yacht master
Verbal Research Types Non Verbal Research Types
Surveys Donor Performance Analysis
Live or Online Focus Groups Visitation History Analysis
Personal Interviews Modeling using Survey or Behavioral data
Ethnography Response Scoring
We use these methods individually or in combination to solve problems through research. We investigate awareness, organizational favorability, message effectiveness and audience attributes. We identify the range of acceptable gift ask amounts, the best product or service features, donor sentiment, alumni engagement, and many other topics.

Verbal Research Solutions

Non-Verbal Research Services

  • Segmentation Analysis
  • DonorCheckupTM file analysis
  • MemberCheckupTM file analysis
  • Event Analysis
  • Visitation Analysis
  • Lifetime Value Forecasting

Deliverables that Offer Insights

With Campbell Rinker as your research partner, you receive decades of specialized experience, unmatched professionalism, and much more…
  • Carefully developed plans for your customized research,
  • Our Campbell Rinker confidentiality guarantee,
  • Our deep knowledge of research among donors, members, and alumni,
  • Carefully worded questions to reduce bias and deliver clear guidance,
  • Live pre-testing of survey instruments,
  • State-of-the-art calling centers with integrated interviewing software,
  • Professional interviewers trained to make your constituents feel at ease,
  • Remote silent monitoring for interview quality control,
  • SurveySystemTM software for cross-tabulations and banners,
  • SPSSTM and SawtoothTM software fully optimized for advanced analyses,
  • Proprietary Campbell Rinker software for database analyses,
  • Carefully crafted full-color reports for boardroom presentations,
  • On-site or video-conference presentation of your results and how your organization might use them to reach your goals.