Responding to Our Research

Every year Campbell Rinker conducts dozens of research studies for our clients. They hire us because we have expertise in this field. These research studies can include surveying, focus groups, one-on-one in-depth discussions, focus groups, online discussion groups, and much more. The research can be conducted in-person, online, through the mail, or over the phone.


If you’ve been contacted to participate in our research, we hope that you’ll take the time to be involved.


Campbell Rinker is dedicated to serving its research participants in an ethical, professional manner. Visit here for our privacy policy. Campbell Rinker follows the strict code of ethics established by the Insights Association for members of the marketing research community.


Review the answers to common questions below, and if you still have questions you may contact us here.

Answers to Common Questions

Q: Why is the research project I was invited to being conducted?
A: Every project is different. Sometimes the purpose of the research is explained before you participate, sometimes the purpose is clear by the time you finish participating, and sometimes the purpose is not made clear to participants. But rest assured, the results of the research are important.

Q. Who is sponsoring the research I was asked to participate in?
A: Some studies are initiated by Campbell Rinker, while others are conducted on behalf of clients. With some projects the client is identified before you participate, for others the client is identified by the time you finish participating, and sometimes the client is not identified at all. There are typically research-related reasons for when a client is identified. For example, if we want to know which charities come to mind for you first and we already identified one of the charities as the sponsor of the research, then we’ve biased your response.

Q. Where did you get your contact information from?
A. It depends on the project. For some projects our clients provide the lists that are used to invite the potential research participants. The lists can be past customers, members, donors, inquirers, etc. For other projects we might rent a list from a commercial list provider, or we might use one of the lists that we administer internally. If you’d like to opt-out of future contact, just let us know.

Q. I’m on the national Do Not Call list. Why are you calling me?
A. The national DNC list is an effort to reduce the number of unwanted sales calls received by U.S. households. Research calls are not sales calls, as we are not selling anything. Research efforts are not restricted by the national DNC list. If you’d like to opt-out of future contact, just let us know.

Q. How will the information I provide you be used?
A. Unless specified otherwise, the information provided by respondents is simply analyzed and reported in aggregate. For example, we’ll report to our clients that 52% of their donors are male, not that Jon Doe the individual is a male. If you provide contact information during a research project, the information will not be used for marketing purposes. Visit here for our privacy policy.