Case Study: Beach City Visitor Intercept Survey

A Southern California beach community needed help assessing visitor perceptions of its boardwalk and identifying visitation and media habits to help with its audience targeting and messaging.  Campbell Rinker conducted a telephone, email and on-site intercept survey among people who had asked the Visitors Bureau for travel information within the last three years.  This survey among 400+ inquirers was fielded by telephone and personalized email invitations, so we could tell the source of the original inquiry.  Campbell Rinker also fielded a team of seven interviewers on-site at malls, on the pier, in local hotels, and in gift shops for two months.  Our interviewers completed over 650 of these intercept surveys.  In the end, Campbell Rinker amassed data that produced a 125-page report for the Visitors Bureau covering dozens of topics.  The final report continues to inform the daily decisions at the Bureau regarding messaging, audience awareness and tourist needs.  Methodology: Phone Survey, Intercept Survey, Online Survey