Case Study: Christian Music Landscape Study

A leading Christian music publisher retained Campbell Rinker to study awareness, perceptions, and listening among music consumers and worship leaders.  We conducted surveys both online and by phone among these two groups, eventually exceeding response goals by 35% on a fixed budget. The blind study found that our client had the highest unaided and aided awareness levels of any label in the industry and extremely high favorability.  Being blind, the study also provided the perceptions of opinion leaders about competing labels.  Perceptual mapping identified and named distinct segments in the consumer universe according to their preferences and values – groups like Cutting-Edge Crew, Traditionalists and Young Minimalists, and show the niches occupied by different labels in this universe.  Finally, the study also helped the client develop strategy for an upcoming rebrand and helped affirm the value of the company in advance of a pending acquisition.  Methodology: Phone Survey, Online Survey, Perceptual Mapping, Blind