Donors age 35 and up are more inclined to give because of which ministry asks them, while a donor in the Millennial generation is more inclined to give because of who they are.

Ministry messaging must validate the donor – especially the Millennial donor – and what their giving represents to them as an individual.  For Millennials more than older donors, it’s about their preferences, interests and passion for engagement.

Donors age 35 and over are much more willing to listen to the ministry’s story, learning about you and what you do, how that fits in with their outlook.

A gift from an older donor is more about what you can do with their money.  In contrast, a gift from a Millennial is more about what they can accomplish through you.  In today’s ministry marketing environment, this is not just semantics.  It means an essential difference in your ministry’s messaging to an emerging donor audience.


Results are from an online survey of 16,100 ministry donors conducted by Campbell Rinker on behalf of 17 ECFA members in November 2016. Visit ECFA for more details.