Donors of all generations are apt to feel hopeful after giving to a ministry for the first time.  Millennials, however, are significantly more likely to feel this emotion and many other positive emotions as well, compared to GenX, Boomer and Silent generation first-time donors.  The emotions they feel more strongly include invested, satisfied, generous and confident.

For instance, Millennials are twice as likely to feel generous after giving than Boomers (45% vs. 22%) and half again more likely to feel generous than GenX (45% vs. 31%).  This is despite the fact that Millennials typically donate only about one-third as much, annually, compared to their elders.

Because Millennials experience a broader, richer range of emotions, it follows that any requests directed at Millennials should prime these positive, expectant attitudes.

Furthermore, follow-up communication after the gift  should affirm and reinforce the emotions donors feel.  Your content must tell them they are generous, they have reason to be hopeful, and that your organization values their investment.