The Member Performance Analysis analyzes member activity using a number of techniques that isolate and highlight trends within key indicators of membership growth from year to year. This helps your museum see what has worked, what has not worked, and what might be the best next steps. It helps identify strengths and weaknesses as well as potential threats and latent opportunities.

Armed with this information, Campbell Rinker can help museums identify and fix reasons for unwanted member behavior.

We recommend a Member Performance Analysis to investigate the reasons behind member activity and revenue trends. The Member Performance Analysis contains over 30 detailed graphs and tables that reveal in clear terms which membership segments are healthy or ailing, and provides clues as to how to revive performance if necessary.

Each Member Performance Analysis includes the following sections…

  • Analysis by Member Life Stages: Includes analysis of trends for current members, as well as life-cycle stages such as New First Year Members, Second Year New Members, Multi-Year Members, Reactivated Members, and Second Year Reactivated Members.
  • Member Movement Analysis: Examines how members upgrade from one level to another, downgrade, and remain at the same membership level, as well as those who lapse.
  • Member Renewal by Year of Acquisition: Shows how recent, successive acquisition efforts have impacted renewal in subsequent years, and clearly displays the renewal rates for members acquired in each of those years. This analysis provides a thumbnail view of actual long-term member value and indicates how the value of members has changed in recent years.
  • Annual Cumulative Reports:  These reports give an overview of some general member transaction and giving patterns.  The Annual Cumulative Value Report is based on all transactions, such as membership dues, donations, ticket purchases, etc., and is especially helpful in allowing membership managers to detect and, therefore, focus upon the most productive segments of the file.  The Annual Cumulative Giving Report is based solely on donations above and beyond membership, and indicates which segments give and/or participate in Museum activities (beyond membership) the most frequently.
  • Tenure Analysis:  This analysis displays how long members have been on file based on their membership category. It compares Current members (those active in the most recent fiscal year) with Lapsed members (those who have not been active during the most recent fiscal year).