Does your organization meet your donors’ basic needs? This simple fact is critical to keeping your donors engaged and ensuring they keep supporting your mission. Campbell Rinker’s DashTrack™ survey instrument is proven to forecast exactly which of your donors are likely to give again and why, with up to 80% accuracy.

Using a scoring algorithm developed by Campbell Rinker and backed by international research, DashTrack™ transforms responses from hundreds and thousands of donors into straightforward scores representing five factors essential to donor retention: Donor Loyalty, Satisfaction, Delight, Referral, and Overall Renewal Likelihood. By measuring these key performance indicators, DashTrack™ delivers an ongoing benchmark of key areas your organization can improve for better fundraising results.

To obtain your organization’s DashTrack™ scores, simply ask your donors a series of six short questions. Provide the data to Campbell Rinker for scoring. For a modest fee, Campbell Rinker will score the responses from each donor and summarize the data. After scoring the data, we deliver a customized DashTrack score report to your organization, comparisons to benchmarks from similar organizations, and five affinity scores for every donor record you sent us. fake patek philippe

We recommend fielding the DashTrack questions periodically among donors (e.g. monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually), which allows you to…

  • Track and monitor these vital donor trends
  • Increase your segmentation detail for each donor who responds

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