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Campbell Rinker provides marketing research services such as surveys, focus groups and database analysis of donors, members, alumni, students and prospects to charities, associations, schools and the companies that serve them.

Faith Edition

This report provides critical data for successful fundraising. The report focuses on donors to faith-based charities. The report provides data specific to donors to Christian charities, and donors to other types of religious charities combined.

The comprehensive report includes information on…

Data on donors self-identifying themselves as deeply spiritual, fundamentalist, evangelical, bible-believing, and/or born-again
The total number of charities that donors to faith-based charities give to
How much donors give to these types of charities, compared to other types of charities and as a percent of their total giving
The types of communication that prompted households to donate in 2007
The popularity of the different ways to donate (online, through the mail, etc.)
How donors prefer to be contacted
Donor opinions on how well faith-based charities are doing
Characteristics of charities that have the greatest influence on giving
Donor identified reasons for why they give
Sector-wide changes in levels of giving between 2007 and 2008
Likelihood of donors having a will, trust, or estate plan that includes a charitable contribution
Likelihood that donors volunteer their time
Likelihood that donors make non-cash gifts
Likelihood that donating households are making regular, ongoing donations to a charity
Likelihood that donors want a more active roll with the charities they support
Name awareness figures for faith-based charities
Donor financial support for specific major faith-based charities
Detailed donor perceptions of specific major faith-based charities
Donor satisfaction levels for specific major faith-based charities
The faith-based charities that are donor favorites
Likelihood that donors will make future financial gifts to specific faith-based charities
Donor likelihood to recommend specific major faith-based charities
Donor opinions on the direction of the US economy for 2008
The effects of different economic circumstances on giving (fluctuations in the stock market and home values, for example)

Demographic information, including…

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Children in the home
  • Primary race or ethnicity
  • Location of residency
  • Internet usage and connection speeds
  • Conservative, liberal, or moderate
  • Religious affiliation
  • Household income
  • Education level
  • Employment status

The report is the result of a nationwide survey of over 3,300 American donors, over 800 of which gave to faith-based charities.

DonorPulse Faith can serve as an efficient and cost-effective tool in any fundraiser’s toolbox. We're sure that you’ll be able to benefit from this report!

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