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Campbell Rinker provides marketing research services such as surveys, focus groups and database analysis of donors, members, alumni, students and prospects to charities, associations, schools and the companies that serve them.

Online Video Dial Testing

Campbell Rinker can help to prove how well your fundraising videos perform before they go online or on air.

We do this through online video dial testing, using any demographic targeting you choose. We analyze the reaction curve down to the second within unique demographic splits, and we can even test versions against your control. All in about a week.

Results from this type of study can guide your decisions from concept through final cut, helping you fine tune your production for the greatest impact.

During your test, Campbell Rinker will split test versions to keep bias out of the ratings of peaking and waning interest. These ratings will clarify how you might build intent faster, and identify exactly which production elements build or diminish the viewers' intent to respond.

Campbell Rinker asks for written feedback immediately after respondents watch, and we analyze this to explain why they respond as they do. This helps you fix any glaring issues before you air. You decide when to test your video; it can be anytime from pre-production up through the finished version.

Moreover, your test will even deliver a specific margin of error to prove the accuracy of the findings. You may choose from three levels of testing:

Matinee Level: 30 recruits, 20-25 final raters, 20% margin of error. This includes up to two videos and a 20-page PowerPoint report.

Feature Level: 60 recruits, 40-50 final raters, ±14% margin of error. This level also includes up to two videos and a 20-page PowerPoint report.

Marquee: 120 recruits, 80-100 final raters, ±11% margin of error. This includes up to three videos over two days of testing with a 30-page PowerPoint report.

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